The Video Streaming Spy Rover – Allows kids to simulate the experience of driving a miniature all-terrain vehicle

The Video Streaming Spy Rover [SOURCE] is equipped with video camera so kids can experience driving an all-terrain vehicle of course spying around for some important information.

This RC spy rover even comes with a virtual reality goggles so kids can easily stream the captured information or even store it on an SD card for later use.

The Video Streaming Spy Rover

The Video Streaming Spy Rover

This remote controlled rover also comes with a sturdy transmitter to allow the driver drive forward, left to right and even reverse throttles plus it even allows the kids to operate and make some adjustments on the included camera for a more comfortable viewing experience.

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The Video Streaming Spy Rover already comes with 3 zoom settings, a mic for recording audio and LED lights and best of all, it allows the owner to playback captured videos on their favorite desktop computers using its free application that can be downloaded anytime.

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