Tonka Ricochet – The Perfect RC Vehicle for Stunt Driving

Tonka RicochetTonka Ricochet

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If you are looking for stunt driving then the Tonka Ricochet is for you because with ricochet RC vehicle, you’ll be able to enjoy its awesomeness whether on the ground or high up the air. Unlike ordinary RC vehicles that use its front wheels to turn, the Tonka Ricochet on the other hand gives you the power to move around nicely and effectively, thanks to its low center of gravity; whatever action you want this baby doing, the response rate is awesome and amazing to keep you going all the time.

Worry about crashing and twisting Tonka for its high speed ability? No problem, just activate its monster lift function and watch it elevate itself, that’s the power you can count on with its powerful remote control, just press the button and you’re on your way to banging and roaring.

This Tonka Ricochet is powered by a rechargeable 9.6volts battery which is already included in the package together with its nicely designed controller. Just start accelerating and you’ll definitely see this rc car soaring high.

Still not satisfied? How about watching the ricochet transform into a flat running rc into a monster sized rig? Well, you got all the control you need, just switch on the transformation button and let the other kids be amazed with your Tonka Ricochet.

Ricochet RC is ready to run and is perfect for kids ages 8 years and above. What are you waiting for? Only few stocks left.  Order now and start showing them your driving stunt skills.

-Price: $77 check availability at Amazon

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