Tonka Ricochet RC Rampage Flip – ideal for free style stunt driving action

Tonka Ricochet RC Rampage Flip

Tonka Ricochet RC Rampage Flip is designed to help rc fanatics to show off their driving skills in free style stunt driving action.

Tonka Ricochet RC Rampage Flip

This Tonka Ricochet RC is a full function double-sided stunt vehicle that has the power and performance you need in order to overcome different cool tricks even on hard-hitting terrain.

This remote control vehicle already includes a pre-programmed flip stunts that can easily be accessed via its included controller, simply push the button to execute stunt actions.

This rc vehicle already includes a 3.6volt rechargeable battery while its included controller requires 5 double-a batteries which are not included in the package. Go ahead, start showing off your stunt driving now by activating the different tricks to amaze your rc friends.

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