Tonka Bounceback RC Racer – Your Kids 2 in 1 fun and flappable Remore Control Car

Tonka Bounceback RC Racer

Tonka Bounceback RC Racer

Price: $48.95
Store: Amazon

You want fast speed for your RC racing tomorrow? No problem, check this 2 in 1 Kids Remote Control Car capable of flipping over any obstacles because it comes with a sturdy oversized rubber tires so even spinning and banging on any hard surfaces will not be a problem.

So what is fun with this Tonka Bounceback RC Racer? Will did you check the other side? This easy to use RC vehicle is designed not just for speed simply because it also comes with a twin orange racecar so that spinning and flipping this rc vehicle will not stop it from running but also provides your kids some fun time playing.

Tonka Bounceback RC Racer comes with a nice wireless controller and needs a 9v battery for the vehicle itself and 9 extra double-a battery for the wireless controller.