The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers – A 3 Dimensional Arcade Style Remote Control Packman VS Blinky the Ghost RC car

The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers is a 3D 2 players RC chasing Pac-Man VS Blinky the Ghost racing car where kids use joystick to remotely control their favorite arcade characters to race, chase or evade each other.

The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers

The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers

Complete with sound effects, these remote control arcade characters from their favorite Pac-Man game can be controlled for up to 25 foot range and can be maneuvered forward, backward and from left to right maneuvers both at the same speed.

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Besides its colorful and sturdy construction and nostalgic remote control, the built-in speaker the each racers will surely provide kids with some hours of chasing, racing and evading, the only difference is Pac-Man will have no power pellets to defend itself.

The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers 2

This RC video game rival uses 10pcs. of triple-a batteries and is designed for kids ages 7 years old and above.

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