Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 – The Ultimate RC Car for Kids

Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

List Price: $79.99
Price: $59.30
You Save: $20.69 (26%) at amazon

Packed with video spying technology which allows kids to clearly see what’s ahead on their path while racing, this RC car is not just one of those ordinary remote control cars out there because the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is the ultimate RC designed uniquely so kids can keep an eye on their racing action.

With Spy Gear VX-6 RC Car’s wireless video feed, kids can now maneuver the RC car with accuracy, driving around even on uneven surfaces will not be a problem, it even comes with a night vision technology so kids can still clearly see even the sun goes down already.

Worried about hard objects and strong walls blocking your way? Not anymore because the VX-6 RC Car’s strong signal can transmit on any solid barriers, no more interruptions eh. Go ahead and try it.

-$59.30 at amazon