Silverlit Ferrari Enzo for iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Silverlit Ferrari Enzo

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Price: $69.99
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Silverlit Ferrari Enzo is an interactive RC Ferrari that can easily be controlled using your favorite iPod, iPhone or iPad, thanks to its unique Bluetooth connection, accelerating forward, backward, reversing and even turning left or right is now even fun simply because you actually drive the RC car using gesture control.

Silverlit Ferrari Enzo for iPod, iPhone, and iPad

The Silverlit Ferrari Enzo already comes with a unique app for your iPod, iPhone and iPad and it act as your ferrari’s dashboard right on your favorite phone. Hearing and feeling the sound of an actual Ferrari rev effects and even experiencing the hobby grade steering of a real Ferrari is now real as ever.

This Ferrari RC Car also comes with a working head, tail and signal lights that can be easily triggered from the included app.

This beautifully crafted RC Ferrari Enzo has a nice body detail and authenticity so you’ll experience real Ferrari racing every time. What are you waiting for, grab one now and use the power of your favorite iPhone, iPod and iPad to run it like no other RC racing car.

-$69.99 at amazon