The RC Truck Tracking Drone – A remotely controlled drone that can track its tending truck’s every move

The RC Truck Tracking Drone [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to tracking the truck’s movement but at the same time capable of moving in all directions including 360 degrees flips and stationary hovering.

This remote controlled drone is very easy to operate using its included 2.4ghz radio remote even from 65 feet away and because the truck moves left to right and forward and backward, deploying the drone for autonomous air cover is now possible.

The RC Truck Tracking Drone

The RC Truck Tracking Drone

The truck operator on the other hand is capable of conducting surveillance action together with the drone separately so that the truck remains undetected by those enemy sensors out perfect for putting off enemy defenses any time.

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The RC Truck Tracking Drone 1

The RC Truck Tracking Drone already includes a charging bay right at the truck’s bed just enough to provide the drone for up to 5min of remaining aloft from just a 40min charge. Perfect for kids ages 15 years old and above.

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