The RC Screw Driven Amphibian – a remote controlled amphibian that zips over grass, snow, sand, and water

The RC Screw Driven Amphibian [VIDEO] is capable of zipping over snow, sand, grass and even water, thanks to the remote control amphibian’s spiralling action powered by 2 motorized screws, kids can now enjoy moving across different surfaces including beaches and even on lawns.

This remote controlled vehicle work in tandem with its motorized screws and of course with the skilled remote of the user from up to 130 feet away, it can even side shift right to left laterally or even execute backward and forward circles in order to get rid of obstacles.

The RC Screw Driven Amphibian

The RC Screw Driven Amphibian

This remote control amphibian can even rotate in any direction while on water, thanks to its uniquely designed screws, spinning or even doing some 360 degrees action is now fun and enjoyable.

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The RC Screw Driven Amphibian already comes with a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 30 minutes of fun operation from a 4hr charge using its included USB cable. Perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above and weighs only 2lbs.

Watch the rc amphibian in action [HERE].