MZ V16.4 Grand Sport 1:10 RTR RC Car – An officially licensed Grand Sport RC Car

MZ V16.4 Grand Sport 1:10 RTR RC Car [SOURCE] is an electric powered remote control car for kids packed with simulation steering wheel transmitter and injection-moulded body to make it your kids favorite full function RC.

MZ V16.4 Grand Sport 1:10 RTR RC Car

MZ V16.4 Grand Sport 1:10 RTR RC Car

This ready to run remote control car has a nice interior detailing partnered with Bugatti Logo right in front, at its sturdy rim and even at the RC’s rear plus instead of including a standard transmitter, this electric powered RC has a uniquely designed simulation steering wheel complete with speed shifter so kids can easily control whatever speed they want to target.

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Besides its independent spring suspension system, the Grand Sport RTR RC Car also equipped with full sound board so that when kids start the engine, burn some tires or even do some acrobatic reverse, it will come with an interesting sound or better yet simply switch to mute and they’re good to go.

Ready for some serious action? Just plug the rechargeable battery, add some double-a and you’re on your way to getting your competitors behind the wheel of MZ V16.4 Grand Sport 1:10 RTR RC Car.

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