LEGO Racers X5-Igniter RC – Now you can build your own RC racing car

LEGO Racers X5-Igniter RCLEGO Racers X5- Igniter RC

Price: $299.99
Store: Amazon

Love RC cars? How about building your very own fast and sturdy RC racing car using LEGO pieces? Now you can with this cool set of 58 Lego pieces designed to let remote control car fanatics out there to build a LEGO Racers XP-Igniter RC complete with wide tires and fast motor enough to tear down any challenging outdoor racing.

The LEGO Racers X5-Igniter RC is packed with wide sturdy tires perfect for tearing up dry surfaces up to 10km per hour, this LEGO set is ideal for kids ages up to 14 yrs. old who wants to build their own sleek remote control car in orange and black LEGO pieces.

-$299.99 at amazon