Lamborghini RC Car 1:10 Scale Remote Control from Maisto

Lamborghini RC Car

Lamborghini RC Car

Price: $63.99
Store: Amazon
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Lamborghini RC Car? Check this 1:10 Scale Remote Control Lamborghini, an elegantly designed RC car power packed with multi-channel toggling so kids can enjoy multi play racing.

This fast remote control Lamborghini RC Car is perfect for zipping around, thanks to its full function fully tuned remote control, zooming around with your friends is sure to be an exciting one.

This 1:10 Scale Lamborghini RC Car also offers sleek design that makes kids and adults alike will surely have fun driving around with style.

If you are looking for a fast and elegantly designed RC Car, then this Lamborghini from Maisto will be your best option. Get one now.

-$63.99 at amazon