HPI Racing 10410 Nitro RS4 MT-2 RTR G3.0 – with more power, speed and durability

HPI Racing Nitro RTR

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Price: $349.98
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Packed with more power, speed and durability, The HPI Racing 10410 Nitro RS4 MT-2 RTR G3.0 is designed to be exciting racing RC to date simply because it already built with some awesome features to make this monster truck the perfect racing every time.

HPI Racing 10410 Nitro RS4 MT-2 RTR G3.0

The HPI Nitro Racing RC is power packed with 2.5mm thick of anodized aluminum chassis, unique shock absorbers to tame even the roughest terrain out there and a sturdy shaft driven 4WD system for that strong and long lasting drive racing all year round.

This nitro racing truck also features a unique roto start 2 starter function to get your racing started without any problem plus it even comes with a pre-glued yokohama geolander tires for that high and sturdy grip and long running tire life any time.

This 4wd rc racing car also includes the latest nitro propelling G3.0 feature engine to help racing fanatics out there crank out more torque and top speed without any problem.

What are you waiting for, check this awesome monster racing truck now and stay ahead with the rest. Try it!

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