Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister Vehicle – Conquers Land, Water and Snow

RC Terrain Twister

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Price: $69.99
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Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister Vehicle is your perfect option if you want a rugged remote control vehicle that simply handles almost any type of terrain including snow, water and even grassy landscape that ordinary RC Cars can’t handle. Want to try it? Read on..

Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister Vehicle

This hot wheels RC terrain twister is fully equipped with unique pontoons shaped in corkscrew instead of ordinary wheels so it can conquer tricky racing fields making a very challenging competition an easy task.

With Terrain Twister Vehicle, kids ages 8 years and above is now in charge in every action and excitement no matter when and how your opponents would like to play on, this big hot wheels is always ready to speed away anytime indoor or outdoor.

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