Buzz Lightyear Vehicle – Your Kids Favorite Toy Story Pullback Vehicle

Buzz Lightyear Vehicle

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You want some racing fun with your RC friends? Sure, check the Buzz Lightyear Vehicle that is carefully designed based on your favorite Disney film Toy Story so you and your friends will have fun time competing.

Buzz Lightyear Vehicle

This Race Buzz Lightyear Vehicle is not just cool for some fun ride but at the same time unique because it already comes with a space where you can hold your favorite character while its pullback function will simply give everyone a fun and entertaining time.

Besides its pullback feature, this Vehicle also comes with a lock and release mechanism allowing kids to build never ending racing scenarios of course together with their favorite Disney characters. Just don’t forget to activate the switch though.

What are you waiting for, watch Buzz Lightyear vehicle reach its top speed by pulling it back to activate the car.

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