Axial Racing RTR 1:10 Wraith Electric 4WD Rock Racer

Axial Electric 4WD Rock Racer

Price: $399.99
Store: Amazon

Can’t stop racing? Well, make sure you have the perfect 4WD Rock Racer around. Introducing Axial Racing RTR 1:10 Scale Wraith Electric Rock Racer, a sturdy rock crawler monster truck designed to go as fast as possible in any speed and form you want.

Axial Racing RTR 1-10 Wraith Electric 4WD Rock Racer

Axial Racing RTR 1:10 Scale Wraight Electric 4WD Rock Racer is capable of digging any type of terrains packed with different features and functions so you can go race above or below the ground. Its waterproof receiver box and 2.4Ghz transmitter will surely provide racers with impressive racing be it in the desert sand, mountain trails, rock or mud racing or just simply at your very own backyard, this monster truck is just your perfect option.

Simple yet powerful design, this high speed racing truck is ready to run any time, just give it a go and you’re on your way to racing fun.

-$399.99 at amazon